Friday, 7 November 2014

Jesse & Noah Title and Blurb Reveal!

Hi guys!

So today I'm going to reveal the title and blurb of my first novel! I'm so excited about this book and the couple. They are really special to me, and I hope you guys like their story when it comes out next year. :)

Title: The Secrets of Jesse & Noah
He thinks he knows me, the real me.
The person hidden beneath the skin.
But he’s wrong.
I’ve kept secrets and told lies, all so I can protect him.
He’s my best friend, my protector, my everything.
I can’t tell him my darkest secrets, they would ruin him like they’re ruining me.
My secrets are killing me, slowly, painfully.
But they’re my secrets to keep. My secrets to hide.
He says he wants to know the truth.
But the truth would destroy us both.

I know his secrets, most of them anyway.
But there are things he doesn’t want me to know.
Secrets he keeps from me.
He doesn’t think I can handle the truth. But he’s wrong, I can do anything for him.
We’ve been best friends since the day we met.
And I’ve loved him every day since.
He’s told me things, things about himself no one else knows.
But he doesn’t fully trust me.
I want him to trust me.

I could handle all of his pain, if he’d just let me.

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